November the 29th, 30th and December 1st, 2017
"Dr. Raoul Fournier Villada" Auditorium  of the Faculty of Medicine,
UNAM, University City, Mexico City.
  1. Institutional Policies and educational guidance:
    Social rights, inclusion, health, disability, discrimination, migration, gender equality and sustainable development.

  2. Intervention in educational and vocational guidance:
    Innovative educational and vocational guidance approaches, intervention and programs appropriate for individuals and groups, including the use of ICT.

  1. Young people of the 21st century and their guidance and counselling needs related to:
    citizenship and school bullying, well-being and dignity, mental health, sexual and reproductive services, challenges in using ICT and social networks, transition to adulthood, perspectives for educational, social and economic development.

  1. Training, professionalization, identity and social engagement the guidance practitioners and counsellors:
    Updating of educational and training programs for guidance practitioners, counsellors and careers advisers in different fields and educational levels and across educational levels

  1. Influence of changing labour market opportunities on ways of working:
    Analysis of new scenarios and ways of working, as well as, the labour market.

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